We love each and every project that we have had the opportunity to work on here at Amethyst Rose Websites, and hope that you enjoy them just as much! 

Make sure you click the picture to follow the link to our YouTube Channel with videos directly from the websites. 

Poppy Grace Co

Poppy Grace Co is a handmade bracelet and custom painted clothing company, came to Amethyst Rose Websites for our Start to Finish Package. She has a successful Facebook VIP group which she had been using to sell, but knew it was time for a website to further her business! So after a consultation, Kaitlin was able to send us her inspiration from other websites, as well as how she wanted to have the website layout to look. After giving us this information we made a website Mock Up for her, and then met again to figure out the changes needed, we were able to bring her website dreams to life! Now Kaitlin uses our Monthly Website Management Package to spend more time worrying about her products that she makes, rather than stressing about keeping up with her website!


Seriously Seven 

Seriously Seven, a Bubblegum Necklace shop, reached out to Amethyst Rose Websites at the beginning of opening their website, but they didn't have enough time to get it going! Between getting her new business off the ground and taking care of Seven kiddos, the Website Start to Finish package was the perfect option for Riana, the owner! After an initial consultation Riana explained that she wanted her website to be exactly what she likes when shopping, beautiful and modern but VERY simple to use and straight to the point! After talking over all of the details and meeting on the different drafts, we were able to come up with a website that is the perfect combination of simple but also beautiful! Now Riana is enrolled in our Monthly Website Management program to keep up with her Bi-Monthly Drops, and keeping up with the day to day aspects of running a small business, and running a house with 7 children!


Ruby Owl Co

Ruby Owl Co is a handmade clothing company that originally came to Amethyst Rose Websites just for a Website Refresh, and then fell in love with the Monthly Website Management. ROC came to us with an established website that was over complicated, and hard to use, but left with an easy to use website with a simple and modern feel that ensured that customers left with a great shopping experience. After receiving the final website, ROC decided that the Monthly Website Management would allow the owner to focus on the important thing in her business, and not spend as much time worrying about uploading products for her bi-monthly drops. 

After some time and deciding to take a break from her small shop, the ease of not being in a contract allowed Ruby Owl Company to cancel their Monthly Website Management while their shop is closed!


For The Youth Apparel

For The Youth Apparel is a handmade clothing company that originally came to Amethyst Rose Websites for the Monthly Website Management and a Website Refresh after hearing about us from the small shop world on Facebook!

FTY is based out of CA and wanted to stick with the urban and fun vibes that CA brings, so we gave their site a complete makeover! With a whole new design, new colors, new backgrounds, and a whole new organization the new FTY website is NOTHING like the old! In the best way possible of course! 

After completing the Website Refresh, For The Youth saw the ease of having someone there to deal with the technical side of a business and decided to join our Monthly Website Management Program! Each month we handle all product uploads, collections, drops, and update the website to match each and every drop!